ICEstimator 1.2
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ICEstimator provides the results of an analysis as follows:

  •  A graph displaying the relative effects in % versus drug concentrations and the adjusted curve;
  • A table of the results: IC50, IC90, IC99 and γ estimations, their 95% confidence intervals and the confidence interval ratios for IC50, IC90 and IC99;
  • One link containing a pdf file and two links containing two csv files to download;

A pdf file from the link "Download the result in pdf format" containing the graphs and the estimated parameters.
A first csv file from "Download the table" containing all entered descriptions and the estimated parameters.   
A second csv file from "Download observed and predicted data" containing the concentration, the raw effect, the relative effect and the predicted relative effect.

List of possible warnings:

    • Ratio < 2, data to be taken cautiously (Ratio = Mean effect at C0 / Mean effect at Cmax): if the parasite’s growth ratio is lower than 2
    • Remember that gamma was fixed to 10: if the model did not converge
    • Unsuccessful convergence even with gamma = 10. Check the data: if the model could not fit even after gamma has been fixed to 10
    • Large Confidence Interval for IC50, results to be taken cautiously: if upper/lower bounds of CI95% is higher than 2
    • The lower bound of CI95% for IC50 is smaller than 0, results to be taken cautiously.
    • IC99 > Cmax, results to be taken cautiously.